Construction & Building Materials
As a building materials trading company with nearly colossal experience in the construction industry, Asersan has built a strong network in partnership with material manufacturers. Based on its extensive knowledge, our company also offers services such as the installation, construction, and renovation of offices or commercial premises, as well as the purchase and supply of building materials.

Asersan has a large team of employees with extensive knowledge of exterior and interior materials, exterior construction, and other construction equipment and materials. We offer a wide range of construction equipment and materials to suit an equally wide range of needs.

Asersan uses its information-gathering capabilities as a building materials trading company and strives to discover new products that precisely meet people's needs, including environmental products and building materials for construction, and does everything it can to develop new business and create new markets.

Electrical & Electronic Products
as a successful company with many years of experience, specializing in providing the highest physical stability for extremely demanding tasks with our products.

Asersan is a manufacturer of many electronic components with the highest quality standards. Our main focus is on the development and production of connectors, housings, complex cable assemblies as well as customer-specific components.

We are a friendly, competent team and always work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers to achieve the best possible results.

Asersan is a leading company in the field of construction and industrial machinery. We expertize in sales and business development of construction machinery, electronic systems, and industrial machinery in the national and international market.

Iron and Steel
Asersan is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in metal fabrication and export. We promise you full specifications, prompt delivery, high quality, competitive price. The unwavering support you give us and the increasing demands you make help us to offer you more and more diverse, high-quality products at competitive prices. Win-win situations are always our endeavor. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We warmly welcome friends and associates from all over the world!

Automation Equipment
The Asersan company is dedicated to the development and application of intelligent conveyor systems in the electronic field. We specialize in the development, production, and management of intelligent manufacturing system solutions, inspection equipment, robotic feeding systems, flexible feeding systems, intelligent pick-and-place machines, conveyors, packaging machines, palletizers, intelligent guiding equipment, automated guided vehicles, and other precision manufacturing systems and equipment.

Our industrial solutions are recognized worldwide. We have an excellent R&D team that is always open to new ideas and constantly learns from the advanced experiences of the same industries at home and abroad. We are committed to providing high-quality products to our customers.

The company has precision machining equipment and provides services for the automotive industry, logistics industry, new energy industry, electronics industry, medical industry, food industry, etc.

Food & Food industry

Asersan Company provides its customers not only industrial equipmets but also foods. Food is an important thing for an individual's life, our company is here to meet your needs. 
Foods we serve to our client's are listed as below: 

- Fruits (Dried/Frozen/Fresh)
- Vegetables (Dried/Frozen/Fresh)

Our company has specialized specifically in systems for food processing. This gives us the experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver the best solutions on the market.

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We are continuously working to improve our processes and technologies. Our team of experts are mix of engineers and salespeople, all with over ten years of experience in the food industry.

Asersan is a global community and accelerator for entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and makers dedicated to creating innovative hardware products and businesses. Our company consists of several interconnected components to mentor, nurture, and grow our community. The Asersan Accelerator, Lab, Meetups, and online platform form a multi-channel resource that empowers community members to create leading products and companies. We support every stage of hardware development - from ideas to prototypes to investments and beyond.